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EFFICENCY & PRICE We are one of the few companies in the nation with modern fully computerized CNC machinery that provides a higher quality edge finish. The drastically lower costs and efficiency improvements allow us to provide our service at unbeatable prices.

QUALITY We do not place seams in kitchens where it is convient or saves material, like many lower quality granite companies. This often makes the kitchens look like a puzzle board and screams low quality workmanship. We place seams only as a last resort. The look is much cleaner and refined. We install metal rebars into granite where there is a sink opening to prevent any possible breaks, this is critical since the weakest point is often at the narrow strip of granite in front or in back of the sink opening. We use higher grade epoxy and silicone for our seams, backsplash joints and sink mountings. These are often quality issues that are not visible but often cause problems two to five years down the line.

CAPACITY Our capacity allows about seven average sized kitchens to be installed per day to keep our regular schedule in place. Smaller or less efficient companies will be able to do much less and may hold up your construction schedule costing you large time and money delays.


CRAFTMANSHIP Our craftsmanship is very high. Every fabricator/installer has over six years of experience with lead positions in installation teams often with ten or more years. It is very important to have a skilled team of fabricators and installers and measurers in order to have ideal seams, proper fits and flawless polish. We have often times been called onto jobs with previous work by other granite companies to fix seams, chips and scratches.

MATERIALS The quality of material is very important! We never use industrial-grade materials for any job. We import most directly and have access to any material from our numerous suppliers. Our low costs due to our direct importing and bulk orders means that you will get the best price with the highest quality. Our growing list of builders/developers is proof to both our quality and price.

NO ADVERTISING We do not spend any money on advertising due to our large and growing list of customers which has allowed VGW to grow at a fast pace. Since we don't pay for advertising, you will not be passed on these costs either.